1st Solo!
Levi Kidder (KVGT)
December 8, 2017

Congratulations Levi! Job well done!


Finally, a S-LSA airplane available for rent, or flight instruction, that the general public can take advantage of in the Las Vegas area.

Even if you are completely new to aviation or are already an experienced pilot, light-sport aircraft (LSA) and the corresponding sport pilot certificate make flying easier, more affordable, and more accessible – not to mention fun!

The sport pilot certificate enables new pilots to learn to fly in half the time and for half the cost. existing pilots can transition to a world of recreational flying that’s free from hassles and red tape. You can use your drivers license and avoid the hassle of obtaining a  FAA medical.

A light-sport aircraft can be used for training of all pilot levels-provided the aircraft is properly equipped for the training required. Special LSA aircraft fall under direct control of the manufacturer, so even if the FAA might allow a particular operation, it must also be approved by the manufacturer in order for the aircraft to be operated in that capacity. Our SLSA is equipped for night flying (position lights & strobes, landing light & cockpit floodlight) and can be legally flown at night by a licensed private pilot or student pilot with a valid medical.The Evektor SportStar MAX is a Special LSA (SLSA) category which is fully factory built. This two seat airplane will cruise over 115 MPH and burn less that 5 Gallons of fuel per hour. Suitable for long cross county flights with its GPS coupled Autopilot or just flying around the local area. Our Evektor Sportstar MAX sports a Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp engine and a full suite of instruments including a Garmin 796 GPS, Garmin Transponder Mode S with ADS-B In for up to the minute inflight traffic and weather, the Garmin 200 Com is coupled to the GPS. The Garmin 796 is also coupled to a three axis autopilot, electronic fuel management system and digital engine gages. It is fully night qualified.

N644SB is a 2006 Evektor (EVSS) SportStar MAX with a 100HP Rotax 912ULS engine. This aircraft meets the FAA requirements for a Special Light Sport aircraft (SLSA) that can be flown by anyone with a Light Sport or Private Pilot rating (or better) and a drivers license. No medical is required. Beginning pilots can obtain a Light Sport rating in just 20 hours with only drivers license in place of a medical. This airplane is great for inactive pilots that want to get back into flying without the hassle of reinstating their license or obtaining a medical. If you are a Private Pilot and have not kept your medical up, all you need is a drivers license and a check out ride.

This airplane is hangared at the North Las Vegas airport (KVGT) and is available for rental or for flight instruction. Bring your own instructor or use one of ours and we can get you back in the air in just a few hours. There is even a  Free Ground Portion Course provided by the FAA. Check it out!

So if you are looking to get back into flying and would be interested in a fully equipped, economical airplane to fly, just give us a call.

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